Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 months old.

Andrew is now a 6 month old. That is huge! I'm so proud of myself, but also a little sad that I am not sharing this milestone with Nigel. Enough sadness, though; onto better updates.

On the tooth front, Andrew is still toothless, and so is Emily! :) She is now missing her two bottom teeth. I love the cheesy grin. Haha.

I'm still on the job search, so if you hear of anything let me know. I am in love with my job at the dance studio. Never before have I been so excited to get up and go to work, but each day brings a new adventure. I know I sometimes whine about the stress level, but really I'm just lying. I thrive under pressure. And what better way to spend my time then in an enviroment that I love with good people and smiling children. : D

Leanna is my biggest achievment recently. She is officially potty trained! *happy dance* We have been in big-girl panties for 3 weeks now and we've gone enough days without an accident to finally break and say we are trained! Now I need to find some wood to knock on.

Bye for now!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning at 6:45 I had my Mother's Day surprise. The girls woke me up with breakfast in bed and cards and presents. This was a real shocker, because they didn't have Dad around to prompt them. It just let me know that they are aware and appreciate the things that I do. It made my heart smile.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have to take Emily to the Dentist.

I just needed to pause for dramatic effect there. My 6 year old is going to freak out. I've scheduled a babysitter so that I can focus entirely on coaxing Emily into the office and then further more into the chair. I picture screaming, clawing, crying and maybe a little teeth gnashing. I hope it is over with and there aren't any permanent scars.
Here's the problem: She has been wiggling her teeth, but only one has fallen out. Now the one that is loosest has a tooth growing in behind it. Yikes!
Wish me luck!

On a similar teeth note, I think Andrew may be getting 2. : D I can see little blisters on the bottom gum and he is drooling like a machine! I don't remember the girls' teeth coming in this soon, but so far everything about my boy has been different. We'll just add this to the list.

Dental appt tomorrow morning at 8am. I've decided to take the sneak approach and not tell her until we are actually in the parking lot.
Fingers crossed we all come out alive........

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer is Coming!

I can feel it in the air. That suffocating, sticky hot air outside that can only mean one thing: summertime in Florida!
I absolutely love the summer. Lots of people (ie. my sister) can't stand the humidity and heat, but to me it's the best time of year. When else can you sit outside with a popsicle that you have to slurp off your fingers as it melts faster than you can lick it? The smell of suntan lotion on little sticky baby bodies and laughter as they run through the sprinklers.
My kids and I are true beach bums. We spend most evry day in our swimsuits, and get up early to beat the crowds to the ocean. I love to pack sandwiches and lemonade and fresh watermelon. It brings back a feeling of nostaglia to my childhood growing up. Except I always remember cheese balls. :) I want to teach my children to watch and wait as homemade ice cream churns in a bucket, and smell the salt coming off the ice. I want them to drop paper plates because they buckle under the weight of burgers, mac and cheese and potato salad. Then I want them to chase the ice cream truck through the neighborhood to get a gumball at the bottom of their cone.

If you're looking for the Thomas clan for the next 4 months you'll know where to find us: beach, pool, lake or sprinklers. Bring your towel and join us!