Monday, June 27, 2011

Where is the time going?

I can't believe July is just around the corner! I am so inctedibly excited for Independance Day. (Those of you who know me know it's my FAVE holiday) I absolutely love getting dressed up and spending the day outdoors celebrating our wonderful nation. I am super patriotic and enjoy passing down my love for the US of A to my beautiful children.
Updates: Emily will be 8 in a few days. (!?!?!) I'm plannig a pretty cool party with a few of her closest friends. We're going to get makeovers, go to the movies and then have a sleepover. Fun, right! :)
Leanna is going to get to try gymnastics this year. I think I'll start her at the Little Gym; Emily started there and had a great experience. My littlest girly-girl is coming into her own and deciding on what she wants to do, outide of big sis's shadow.
Andrew: BIG NEWS!!! No MD!!! Yay! He is still seeing his physical therapist each week and is getting stronger every day. My little man has some serious attitude and some serious snugglies. He's such a funny combination of gruff and fluff. Lol.

The Thomas crew is getting ready for a cross-country flight to celebrate my sister's wedding in July. This shoukd be pretty crazy, considering my Mom isn't going to be flying with me to help. Bless the people sitting close to us. :)

Things are going well for us. I'm busy but confident. I'm running but coasting. I'm crazy but comfortable. I'm happy.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

I've had such a busy weekend. My mom took all 3 babies to Pensacola for our family reunion and I have had enjoyed some quiet time as well as some wild time. :)
Friday night I was cordially invited to a tea party celebrating Prince William and Kate M's nuptuals. It was such a nice party and I really enjoyed getting to know a few ladies with similar interests. Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch.
I've been fighting some serious funk for a week now, but I pushed through and went to Maverick's Friday night after the tea. One word: Wow! Lol. Tons of fun, but those line dances were FAST! Super nice people, again, though. Another activity to add to my list of cheer-ups.
Saturday I went out to the beach for most of the day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and I can always use some Vitamin D. :)
Saturday evening my dance studio attended the White Salsa Party at Bolero's Ballroom. Such a fun event. I'm loving Salsa so much and it's nice to dance with so many wonderful dancers.
Cap off the evening with a trip to a friend's house where we caught the end of his roommates graduation bash. Dinner/Breakfast at 3rd Street Diner. (Delish) Home and crashed out in bed.
Now it's Sunday and I am happily spending the day cleaning, relaxing and getting ready for those sweet babies to get home.

Hope you all had as much fun as I did...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Little Prince

I'm so many things right now. I can't decide between angry, sad, upset, scared, confused... I'm so sad for the things he may never experience. I'm hesitantly hopeful that this is all some big misunderstanding. Mostly I'm numb.

Andrew saw his physical therapist today for the first time and she confirmed what his pediatrician already suspected: muscular dystrophy is a real possibility. So I of course go online (big mistake) and discover that his symptoms ares spot-on with Duschenne's Muscular Dystrophy. The most common, most children need assistance walking by age 10, are wheelchair-bound by 12 and are dead by late teens or early 20's. I want to scream. How can this be happenening? He is my perfect little angel. He is smiles and laughter and a total pain-in-the butt. He throws temper tantrums and licks yogurt off his highchair with no hands. He throws a ball better than most grown men and crawls around the house with his shoes on his hands. He's so perfectly perfect and I can't do anything to "fix" him. He's my BOY, my son.

How do I DO this?