Monday, September 27, 2010

My legs are burning!

I just got back from a 7 mile bike ride with the boy and my legs/butt are on fire! Aaah! Who would've known Fleming Island could be so full of hills. Ok, so maybe there's only 1 hill... but it's a doozy! Lol.

September is almost over and as usual the Thomas household is in full spin. Emily and Leanna are dancing all week, and on Saturdays they are practising for the Nutcracker. The boy is on the move constantly. He no longer crawls like a Marine; he's up on hands and knees like a rock star! :)

The season is trying it's hardest to change. I can feel a smidge of cool air outside and it's invigorating. With each month that passes I get stronger and more grounded in my new life. There are times when I crave a man; someone to hold and laugh with. I really miss the physical aspects of a relationship. Not sex, but those daily meaningfull touches that I used to take for granted. :/
Other times I'm really happy with my solitude. I enjoy my own company. I am quiet more these days than I ever remember being and it's amazing what you hear when you stop to listen.

Until next time,

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