Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 months old.

Andrew is now a 6 month old. That is huge! I'm so proud of myself, but also a little sad that I am not sharing this milestone with Nigel. Enough sadness, though; onto better updates.

On the tooth front, Andrew is still toothless, and so is Emily! :) She is now missing her two bottom teeth. I love the cheesy grin. Haha.

I'm still on the job search, so if you hear of anything let me know. I am in love with my job at the dance studio. Never before have I been so excited to get up and go to work, but each day brings a new adventure. I know I sometimes whine about the stress level, but really I'm just lying. I thrive under pressure. And what better way to spend my time then in an enviroment that I love with good people and smiling children. : D

Leanna is my biggest achievment recently. She is officially potty trained! *happy dance* We have been in big-girl panties for 3 weeks now and we've gone enough days without an accident to finally break and say we are trained! Now I need to find some wood to knock on.

Bye for now!

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