Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer is Coming!

I can feel it in the air. That suffocating, sticky hot air outside that can only mean one thing: summertime in Florida!
I absolutely love the summer. Lots of people (ie. my sister) can't stand the humidity and heat, but to me it's the best time of year. When else can you sit outside with a popsicle that you have to slurp off your fingers as it melts faster than you can lick it? The smell of suntan lotion on little sticky baby bodies and laughter as they run through the sprinklers.
My kids and I are true beach bums. We spend most evry day in our swimsuits, and get up early to beat the crowds to the ocean. I love to pack sandwiches and lemonade and fresh watermelon. It brings back a feeling of nostaglia to my childhood growing up. Except I always remember cheese balls. :) I want to teach my children to watch and wait as homemade ice cream churns in a bucket, and smell the salt coming off the ice. I want them to drop paper plates because they buckle under the weight of burgers, mac and cheese and potato salad. Then I want them to chase the ice cream truck through the neighborhood to get a gumball at the bottom of their cone.

If you're looking for the Thomas clan for the next 4 months you'll know where to find us: beach, pool, lake or sprinklers. Bring your towel and join us!

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